Black Holes:

When Stephen Hawking died, he was working on a new theory of black holes and quantum entanglement. He theorized that a black hole might be able to dissipate. He was intrigued with the idea that if two particles become entangled, would they still be able to communicate if one gets sucked into a black hole.



Perhaps Hawking was on to something. Let’s combine religion and science. What if we were living in a black hole? We know black holes hold light captive with immense gravitation force, we can see when black holes gobble up stars and galaxies.



Perhaps we are quantumly (I made that word up!) entangled with something or some particle on “the other side.” This would explain an omnipresence, since we have a connection, but have no clue what it is.


Hawking’s hypothesis that black holes might have a life span and dissipate might be on the money, but perhaps WE are the particles that (who?) dissipate.



A lot of people claim to see a “white light” when they have a near death experience. Since black holes swallow light, and hold it prisoner, perhaps when we dissipate, or die, we finally are freed of this black hole and return to our sister entangled particle, whatever she/it/that is.


Maybe when we die, we return to the other world and that is why no one has come back to tell us definitively that there is an “other side” because they can’t get back into this black hole. Some people seem to have more of a spiritual connection than others, perhaps there is more of a connection of these people and what is “out there.”


Aliens. People here on Earth might imaginably be late to the party. Our fellow black hole dwellers might have figured out a way to shift in and out of our black hole and are laughing at us behind our backs and throwing us breadcrumbs because they have figured out quantum mechanics and entanglement long before us and are begging us to join them.


Sure, my theory is lazy. It shoots systematized religion out of the water. No matter how good or bad you are, we all get to leave the black hole when we die, or dissipate. But! Perhaps there is some sort of reward to those of us who live our lives for the good of our fellow recidivists.


However, it explains Earthly anomalies that beg for enlightenment. Ghosts or spirits. A spiritual connection with our connected particle on the outside of the black hole. The Voynich Manuscript comes to mind as something that might have been left behind as breadcrumbs for us humans to figure this all out.


Science is all about facts, and years ago, scientists wouldn’t believe anything unless it was proven to them. More recently, we have a much different approach where if we can’t DISPROVE a theory, perhaps that theory has a chance of being true.


Religion is all about faith. If we have faith in something that is taught to us, it might be true.


So, if you can’t disprove this theory that WE are living in a black hole, have faith that it might be true.