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Dear White Women, Black Women are Tired!

La Jada Speaks

“Black Hacks” – Pay It Forward!

It is my desire when I write that black people will pass this (and any other posts I have written) on to their white friends & colleagues. Instead of doing what many of you feel is the source of much of your eye rolling these days as far as having to constantly explain things when you interact with non POC, you can say “just read this!” I came up with the whole idea of Black Hacks for that very reason. We have hacks about everything else to help us in life, why not some Black Hacks? Hopefully this will help in the understanding phases as we try to co-exist. As usual, you don’t have to agree with one word I say and some of it may even piss you off, but at the end of the day these are my opinions, feelings and humble…

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