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“Lost Log”

Short film of a lost log. Please help him @very_scared

“Lost Log” 15 seconds of a day #73


I love rainy days. The sound of water falling out of thin air is comforting. Running water soothes. Is it the cackling water rhyming splashes as it continues its journey?

I could sit and listen to the secrets water tells forever. Every time I listen to her stories, I learn something. Find some water and listen.




My video vision of what a dream is like. Sometimes we get a foggy recollection of what we saw in our dreams. I tried to make “eyes” opening and closing as our dream’s mind tries to grasp what we are dreaming.

The music makes it spooky and dreamy.

Thank you to Mom Nature and the wonderful town of Sharon, Connecticut for making this possible.


15 seconds of a day #70

“White People, Can Y’all Please Leave Black Folks Alone?!”

La Jada Speaks

OK, y’all should know the drill by now. I see something that starts off as an irritation. I play with it in my head and then I see it again. And again. And then it is at this point my process of swirling ideas turns into an all out rant. I’m at rant stage now about all of these white people, mostly white women, calling the damn police on black folks for…breathing. When I say I’m over this latest phenomenon, I mean I. Am. Over. It! There’s not a lot that I allow to chap my ass these days, but this mess right here…

What I want to know is have white folks been doing this all along and we’re just getting hip to stuff because we all have phones to record the foolery now? Seriously, when did we declare that white women were the damn gatekeepers of black life?…

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15 seconds of a day

I’m posting a 15 second on YouTube everyday. Nothing special, nothing important. Just 15 seconds of a day.


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